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Loc. San Pietro a Pettine
0742381480 - 3345363028

On our menus, you’ ll find much more than just the truffles that our truffle hunters find each day, according to the changing of the seasons.
In addition to the dishes that Alice prepares every day (from pasta to bread and desserts), you’ll find ideas offered by the chefs who use our truffles all over the world, along with the specialities sourced from small producers that we have met over the years.
You’ ll also come across our strong desire to make this an inclusive place where everyone can access a product that has become too much of a luxury.
Above all, you’ ll encounter the love and passion that my team puts into their work, because while there are many reasons for cooking, we often do it for love and in order to be loved.

Our menus are composed of seven or eight courses and cost 35 euros*, including a welcome drink, water Truffleand bread (as they should).

*The price may vary slightly during the White Truffle or Black Norcia Truffle season.

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