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Loc. San Pietro a Pettine
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Maybe it was just a coincidence that our grandmothers, Teresa and Quintilina, both started running their own restaurants, a trattoria and a bottega con cucina respectively, in the early 1900s.
It probably wasn’t entirely by chance, however, that Quintilina’s son Nello Caporicci opened a business together with his wife Maria processing truffles and producing gourmet specialities such as game paté with truffle, the unforgettable galantine with truffle and pistachio, or quails eggs with white truffle, paving the way for a new style of cuisine.
By the time I came along, brought up on truffles and gourmet cooking, my career and my passion was almost a foregone conclusion.
Opening La Cucina was the crowning of a dream that was handed down and shared with me by my closest family. As a result, it seemed natural to open it not in any old place, but in my own home, where my daughters grew up. One of my daughters, Alice, is carrying on this family tradition at the head of a young and enthusiastic brigade: Mikael Piccioni, whose grandfather was Michaelangelo Antonioni’s favourite cook; Jacopo Santucci, who we stole from a career as an artist and delivered into the hands of Bacchus; Etleva Arapi, who came to Italy with the intention of doing anything but working in a restaurant; and Nicola Olla, with his rockabilly hairstyle. This is my team, and I love them to bits.

Welcome to San Pietro a Pettine and welcome to my home.

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